This story is very engaging and sure to delight children. As a mother, teacher, writer and illustrator of childrens books, I highly recommend this story. It even had me laughing at the antics of Maisie. I could see the children listening to the text with total engagement, as they searched the beautiful illustrations for Maisie.

Diana Cumberland 

November 11th, 2016


Maisie is so cheeky and cute as she entertains plans to travel abroad alongside her owners, Mr and Mrs Harris. Following Maisie's adventurous spirit across some of Europe's most iconic places, I especially love Maisie dropping in at the Eiffel Tower. You can't help but smile as you spot some of her comical disguises and see how Maisie baffles Mr and Mrs Harris along the way.

Bec McGregor

June 23rd, 2017

Emerging Children's Author

I have several grand children aged 3-6 years and bought books for each of them. The feedback is how much they loved Maisie's cheeky travels - even looked up (with their mums help) where the different locations were. It is fun, educational - and Maisie is just a tiny bit naughty which appeals to this age group. Great for the young ones.


June 2nd, 2016
InHouse Publishing Bookstore

My nieces LOVE Just Like Maisie. Such a fun and adventurous book with beautiful illustrations which excited the kids so much. Perfect for 3-7 year olds!


July 7th, 2016
InHouse Publishing Bookstore

This early readers book can be likened to ‘Where’s Wally’. ... Author and teacher Lyn Lysaught, has created a comical travel story. The antics of Maisie in disguise shows an ingenious beagle — wearing a dark coat and dark sunglasses at the park – like an undercover agent, on stage as a can-can girl in a pink frilly dress – as a dancer. The scenes are joyous and will have young readers from 3 years thinking up other disguises, situations and locations for Maisie. This delightful book is a great way to introduce narratives to children so they can write their own imaginative stories.

Maria Parenti-Baldey

May 31st, 2018

Big Sister Blogs

My daughter picked up 'Just Like Maisie' in the library and wanted to bring it home. We bought it home and had to read it every night for weeks. She loves saying 'just like Maisie' and we say it together as we're reading. Thanks for the lovely reads Lyn!

Michelle Brady

January 2019

Business Owner


This is a great kids book. My friends kids really loved this book and it was fun for us to read to them over and over again. A must buy!!!


July 7th, 2017


The talented Maisie is at it again. Maisie is so adorable as she almost pulls off the unimaginable, playing the piano around the world, and in true Maisie style she manages to break free from the not so nice guy to return back to her puzzled owners Mr and Mrs Harris. Maisie is so expressive it's very easy to love reading about her adventures with the kids.

Bec McGregor

Emerging Childrens Author


I love reading about the adventures of Maisie with my daughter. This book is well written and the story keeps her engaged. And she loves the beautiful, colourful pictures!

Louise O'Neill




We were gifted this book from a friend and it has quickly become a family storytime favourite. We are looking forward to see what Maisie gets up to next!

Julia Wood

January 2019


These are fantastic books that reach out to a myriad of ages which means kids can journey and grow alongside Maisie as she goes from a playful pup in the Maisie picture books series to a clever super sleuth in the Inspector Maisie series. Well done, many thanks Lyn.

George Londy

March 7th 2019

Father of 3

It's a really funny book. Maisie fooled Mr and Mrs Harris. They had no idea Maisie was with them all the time.

Sinatra Londy-Taube

March 7th 2019

Aged 7

It was super fun with great pictures and I wondered if the bag was magical.

Sinatra Londy-Taube

March 7th 2019

Aged 7


This book was really entertaining and fun to read. My favourite part was the whole book.

Magnolia Londy-Taube

March 7th 2019

Aged 10