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Maisie, a clever little beagle, decides to become a scuba diver and explore the ocean.


Mr and Mrs Harris, her unsuspecting owners, believe Maisie is playing safely on the beach. But Maisie is having fun scuba diving in the ocean.


Soon she meets Princess Zara and her mermaid sisters.

They have been locked out of their golden palace.

The terrifying Octo has stolen the golden key and hidden it in his Cave of Darkness.

Maisie must enter the Cave of Darkness to find the golden key.

Will she be able to help the princess mermaids

or will her underwater adventure end in disaster?

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For Australia only
For Rest of World

We love this Maisie book- it's fun, colourful and full of adventure. My daughter was hooked on the story from the beginning and she loves Maisie's cheeky and adventurous spirit. This is the third Maisie book in our collection, and we can't wait for the next one. We highly recommend this book for all little imaginations!

Julia Woods

Mother of Two

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