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Maisie, a clever little beagle, travels the world as a famous concert pianist.

She performs at the Sydney Opera House, the Vienna State Opera, and Carnegie Hall.


Can Maisie really play the piano or is she tricking her unsuspecting owners Mr and Mrs Harris once again?


Will the concert audience discover her secret, or will the mischievous Maisie continue to outsmart them?

For Australia only
For Rest of World
Play It Again Maisie Book Trailer

This is a great kids book. My friends kids really loved this book and it was fun for us to read to them over and over again. A must buy!!!


It was super fun with great pictures and I wondered if the bag was magical.

Sinatra Londy-Taube

Aged 7

I love reading about the adventures of Maisie with my daughter. This book is well written and the story keeps her engaged. And she loves the beautiful, colourful pictures!

Louise O'Neill

The talented Maisie is at it again. Maisie is so adorable as she almost pulls off the unimaginable, playing the piano around the world, and in true Maisie style she manages to break free from the not so nice guy to return back to her puzzled owners Mr and Mrs Harris. Maisie is so expressive it's very easy to love reading about her adventures with the kids.

Bec McGregor
Emerging Childrens Author

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